A Robot designed to help autistic kids and he’s named Milo

I know I already put this on my facebook page but really, this is worth blogging about over and over! Take a look at the site and please reply with any thoughts. As it turns out, I just spoke with one of the guys who are working on this project and was so impressed with the care and precision going into the creation of Milo.


Don’t you just love when wonderful attention is given to a group of people who are some of the most vulnerable folks in our community?

New Comic Book Hero with Autism!

Hey, hey, hey! I know Milo in Milo – Autistic Warrior is living on the hero cusp but here is an actual superhero who uses his autistic powers to right wrongs and help people. Man, you know I’m buying every single comic in the series! Take a look and let me know what you think.


I can’t seem to get the video to pop up by itself but the link will get you to it. Just breathe through the BP commercial…


Horizontal and Diagonol

I’m in Seattle, a far cry from Flagler Beach, Florida. Here’s the thing about Seattle in the summertime: it’s beautiful. I lived here for 30 years so I’m not seduced by the weather. But anyone thinking of visiting the northwest is crazy to not come here in August and September. The city has a vibe of creativity, of ideas, of action. Add the mountains and the water and you’ve got a taste of heaven. Tomorrow I start promoting my book, Milo-Autistic Warrior, at book stores (they are everywhere!) and talking to people who might be interested in inviting me to speak at various events.

Now, I have to say that Flagler Beach, Florida is a bit of heaven itself. It is fast becoming a haven for artistic types of every bent. It’s odd to think of commuting between Seattle and Flagler but there you have it, energetic locations supporting human expression. I couldn’t be happier. It must be the geometry…


It took me a while to get my head quiet enough to blog again but I think now I’m back in business.

In Seattle, thinking about things…

tumblr_lunl4rc63z1qb8ikqo1_500  At this moment, I’m visiting my daughter and son in law and their four amazing sons. What is excruciating clear is that the sentiment in this quote is not always the first sentiment to fill the mind of a hurt child under the age of ten. No, these young creatures turn instantly into barracudas with full-on fangs and claws. The older kids have learned to restrain the urge to annihilate and even seem bored with the energy drain of pay-back. How do we adults handle the whole, ‘I’m offended now what am I going to do about it?’


I wrote about swarms and biomimicry in Milo – Autistic Warrior but this is one of the strangest swarms I’ve seen. But wait! The reason for it is explained at the end which also put this behavior in the category of biomimicry. This is such a clear example of swarm and how nature solves problems. But what is going on with the stopping and thinking? Man, I love this video!